And just when I began thinking, Do dreams come true?

You stepped into my life, out of the blue…
And every time I thought “is he really the one?”
You did something even more wonderful & left me with doubts none!

Just when I doubted do love stories exist?
Life suddenly felt like a moonlight tryst

Stupid silly jokes brings in roars of laughter
Simply makes our conversations free of clutter!

So full of love, so loaded with affection, your smile speaks a thousand words,
Doing everything with grace, the soul feels like a thousand flying birds…

Reading my eyes so beautifully my angel in disguise,
Happy when they are happy, Sad when they are sad,
With you around, the entire universe seems so nice!

Its a blessing to have someone who is in love with your mind
Its a blessing when not by rules, but by souls we bind!

Your warmth makes me feel I belong to you,
Like known each other for years…nothing seems new.

Wish I could be with you this minute this second this moment, right away
Hiding myself in your arms, bliss that none of the words can convey!

~ the “Arth” of “Rachna”…meaning of this life’s creation…We “found it”!


A dedication to the American Poet – Robert Lee Frost


Growing up as a child, your poems I memorized to clear my exams
I always used to wonder how do they always manage to charm!

Every time I fell down & life put me in a difficult situation,
I remembered many inspiring words from your wonderful creations!

Sometimes I wanted to give up, sometimes I wanted to run away,
Something from my upbringing told me I should be strong & stay

At times life was full of happiness & an overdose didn’t’ feel like a crime
Then I realized how effortlessly a happy heart can rhyme!

Living for others more gratifying than just for the self
Though completely spent, in others’ smiles my happiness dwells

And these four lines mark the signature of my life so strong
Every-time I quote them in my heart, it strengthens my belief nothing can go wrong!

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep…

Doodle Love

And the love continues. Been long since I posted, but creativity provides solitude and peace to my soul. Lost in life’s maze.

This one created for a notorious restless prankster I know. A birthday gift with love…


Doodle Doodle, what fun thou art!

An office colleague about to leave for a new destination. He is a person full of intriguing qualities, funny most of the times. My newly found love for doodling motivated me to gift him one. For a couple of office Bollywood cultural functions he came dressed as Crime Master Gogo (Movie: Andaz Apna Apna Character: Gogo). With such finesse he played that character, he would have all of us in splits with his ‘dhaaki chikki’ 🙂

The doodle I gifted him:

kobe doodle

Smelly Encounters of the “FATAL” kind!

A perfume on my dressing table, Eau-de-Cologne in my bathroom, a pocket-perfume in my handbag, always sneeze on a perfumed handkerchief, never allow bad odour to play any mischief! My love for fragrances is completely contradictory to my love for my sweaty career path of an aspiring civil engineer! I was prepared to go through the ordeals of my education period armed with all my ammunition.

  • Perfumes – Check
  • Freshly washed clothes – Check
  • Bathing with warm water in the morning & in the nights – Check
  • Water intake – Check

So just like a perfection loving Libran, I had everything in place. Until the heavens bestowed upon our college group this gem called “Parimal”. Though he was nowhere near to “Old fashioned” as much his name sounded. Lean, neatly dressed, fair skinned. So Parimal walks into our gang and impresses each one of us with his sense of humor & intellect. Our first group conversation heard roars of laughter with him as the orator. After every round of laughter, I could smell something weird. I chose to ignore it, thinking it might be something in the surrounding. With smelling powers more powerful than the world’s most proficient sniffer dog, no smell can escape my nose. This one just got the benefit of doubt.

With weeks passing by, our course got tougher with periodic construction site visits. Pleasant wintry afternoons or scorchy summery ones, site visits were a must. Those weird smells continued to accompany me during these weeks, and my radar was still not able to detect the origination of those smelly signals! But it was high time I sprung into action & nailed the culprit. Out came another checklist of names:

1. Navya – my room mate. Bathes everyday, wears clean clothes. Applies Guvava flavored body lotion, which often throws me into a tizzy. But far better than that ‘weird’ smell I was trying to detect. Ruled out as a suspect!

2. Ishita – that milky white breed of damsels, warm water baths thrice a day. This mermaid mostly smells of freshly applied nail paints. Ruled out as a suspect!

3. Amanat – the sporty kind! Basket ball player, sweats profusely, but warm water baths before and after every game is her freshness mantra! Ruled out as a suspect!

4. Meet – Always hogging on food. That is what he mostly smells of. Good part is, since he’s always eating, he smells of fresh food only, never rotten. Ruled out as a suspect!

5. Gaurav – The casanova! He manages to be surrounded by the coolest of babes in college! Obviously, he would make every effort to smell good always!  Ruled out as a suspect!

6. Parimal – freshly bloomed bud in our gang. It was time to examine the fragrances emanated by this flower.

For a period of 3-4 days during our most torturous site visit, Parimal was smelling of  Instant Pain-Relief Spray like Relispray. I wondered and asked him ‘Did you sprain your muscles’, he casually replied ‘Yaah, Yaah. At the site’.  I believed. After disappearing for a couple of days, the Relispray fragrance made a dashing comeback! With a brand new Tommy Hilfiger denim & a tee on, he seemed bathed in that Instant Pain-Relief Spray! I was baffled at this prolonged muscle pain. Amidst all this Relispray aura, that weird smell had completely vanished. This aroused my curiosities and gave a lot of fuel to my burning fire of suspicion!

It is very difficult to get out secrets from boys, when it is about their friends. So the only bet I could place was on Meet, the “Jughead” of our group. I promised him a Medium Sized Pizza Treat (you have to be specific to the last inch, when making treat promises to friends before they burst your limited allowances with cheese-burst demands) for spilling the beans!  I so much enjoy over acting on my ‘horrified’ expression, and just got the chance to when Meet told me about the weekly bathing schedules of his roomie Parimal. “Oh my God! Oh my God! How could he??” I was shrieking and Meet was gobbling away to glory! When you are a Civil Engineering student, taking a bath Sunday to Sunday sounds like a perfect plan to bring this world to an end.

This piece of information spread like wild fire amongst the female community, who were drooling over Parimal’s good looks & dressing sense till date. We openly teased him in our gang, but thick-skinned as he is, he wryly smiled & threw a booster dose of Relispray on us from his body! This Instant Pain-Relief Spray idea was suddenly becoming a rage in our college, with every guy or girl lazy to take a bath would use the spray before coming to college. Even during the Sports festival before Independence Day, if somebody was genuinely hurt & were looking for Instant Pain-Relief Spray, the answer would come “We have a deodorant, if that would help!!”. This product had ultimately lost its purpose in our college. Not bathing everyday had suddenly become the “IN” thing with guys in our stream of Engineering. They had a justification “You have to do this to get into the “Feel” of field work”. I repeatedly fail to feel those “Feel”s!

So while the college was preparing for flag hoisting, we all stood in attention position & started singing in chorus for Parimal & a couple of his other no-bathe buddies,

Hum Nahayenge Ek Din…Hum Nahayenge Ek Din…
Hum Nahayenge Ek Din…nnnnnnn,
Ohho Mann mey hai vishwas, Pura hai vishwas,
Hum Nahayenge Ek Din…nnnnnnn!

Hogi Khushboo Chaaro Ore, Hogi Khushboo Chaaro Ore,
Hogi Khushboo Chaaro Ore, Ek Din…
Ohho Mann mey hai vishwas, Pura hai vishwas,
Hogi Khushboo Chaaro Ore, Ek Din..nnnn!

He was so amused as though A.R.Rahman had sung this song exclusively in his honor! Some guys I tell you! And so over-confident he is about his coolness, he randomly wants to give hugs to everyone around for everything good that happens. I wished I had powers of the ‘Spike’ in X-Men at that moment, where automatically spikes would appear everytime Parimal would come forward to give an irrelevant hug!

On dinner outings, he specially orders a full plate of onions and gobbles them down just like Popeye with his can of Spinach! Though Spinach gave our dear Popeye instant energies, gobbling onions gave our dear Parimal more super natural powers of magical fragrances. He would start singing immediately, without even bothering about the clouds of odour that he is thrusting upon us! Sits on the dinner table with one foot resting on the knee of the other. I was horrified (repeat telecast of this feeling) to notice the layers of mud on his feet! The layer was so thick it could be peeled off, baked in an oven to form the most authentic Mud Pie! Bowaaaaak went my imagination!

The boys hostel was fully equipped with all facilities. There were various Racold Pronto Water Heaters, where water is heated instantly and they did not have to make an excuse of long waits for warm water to be available. But where there is no will, there cant be a way. It was his birthday and our group thought of giving him a surprise at 12 am. Forgiving all his fragrant tortures he inflicts on us with such grace, we carried a huge bunch of Lilies & a chocolate cake only to see the happiness on his face! Enter their hostel corridor, and a uniquely pungent smell encaptivates you, which is a mixture of fragrances that have been developed by several years of hard work of not washing the body, clothes, socks, shoes,  bedsheets & what not! I used all my rescue aids and like a fire fighting van sprayed gallons of water to douse that fire of aroma.

I could sense the guys had already dumped all the smelly socks & stuff in the bathroom before we came. Parimal’s room was another heritage site. Lot of things that had’nt been touched or washed in the longest history of their stay at this hostel. Navya’s strong Guvava body lotion and Ishita’s freshly painted nails did their best to fight the enemies, but lost the battle. Meet was already smelling of French Fries which he has just finished eating & Gaurav was in the next room dressing up for a late night ice-cream date. I realized it was not just me, the Lilies were feeling awkward too, I saw one of them wither away not able to stand the surrounding fragrances! What super natural powers this guy possessed! I could visualize the guys choking to death with lilies in their room, longing to rush to the bathroom to dive into their heap of smelly socks, and heave a sigh of relief!

My sister was 8 months pregnant and had asked me to find good names for both boys & girls and send her the shortlisted names. While random googling, I incidentally came across the name “Parimal” and found its meaning to be ” उक्त प्रकार से शरीर में मले या लगाये हुए पदार्थों से निकलनेवाली सुगंध” (meaning perfume or essence applied to the body). Life and its ironies. Sigh!



Neatly washed & ironed clothes & nicely combed hair along with a dash of  “Instant Pain-Relief Spray”, was his perfect way to get away with his ‘Why waste time under the shower’ attitude! But not until he fell in for the most sought after beauty-with-brains combination in our college, Harshita. Charming as our Mr.Perfect is, they became great friends initially.  But the more she would hang out with him, the more active her sensory powers became! I am sure Parimal would have made fatal (read FATAL) attempts to give her his patented timely and irrelevant hugs. She began to withdraw and avoiding his company. Our Mr.Perfect was heart-broken & just didnt know what to do! Here was my golden chance to knock on his brains and tell him

Why the romance with that smell, BOSS?
All relationships & friendships have gone for a Toss,
Just take a warm shower everyday to avoid all the Chaos,
Its time to reborn each day, & make up for the Loss!

Parimal gave me a teary-eyed stare on my poetic advice and was about to give me his usual random irrelevant hug, before my eyes screamed like those of Sunny Deol’s “Eyyyyyyyyyy!!” Thankfully, he withdrew. What if I did’nt have a 2.5 kilo hand, my 2.5 kilo attitude worked! 😛

So our dear Parimal made tough yet slowly successful attempts of wasting his 5 precious minutes everyday under the shower. He wanted to kill everyone around him, including our gang for putting him through this ordeal. But in a few days time, he realized the worth of it. The changes we could see in him, in my poetic style…

As a result of those warm showers,
Everyday different ideas his mind flowers,
His academic performance above all now towers,
Jobs he completed in days are now done in hours!

Stay fresh! Stay healthy! Stay alive & kicking!

(This Story is an entry for Close Encounters of the Smelly Kind, by Indiblogger and Racold. Be a part of their Facebook page) 

Ma…You dwell in me

Am blessed to have opened my eyes in your arms,
You have kept awake all night with my crying alarms

Unfailingly checking my school diary for homework & notes,
With sheer dedication Ma, you carved my path of growth

Uniforms so crisp, Socks-Shoes-Hair well tied,
Coz of you Ma, I always entered the school with much pride

Your hand on my head was that magic medicine during fever
With patience & faith, you taught me to be a believer

You moulded my character to be so strong,
Held my hand tight to take me away from the path, when wrong

You words sometimes sweet, sometimes so harsh,
You helped me Ma, tread those lands full of marsh

You read my eyes and my mind and thoughts,
Imbibed courage, so I could learn to join my own dots

“Go ahead, dont worry,keep moving” like a captain of my ship
Though turbulent were times, you ensured I never lost that grip

Your elegance & simplicity, makes you stand class apart,
The virtue of dignity you instilled right from the start

Thank you Ma for calling me your perfect child
Thank you for loving me equally whether am happy or wild

Thank you for bunking your parties & get-togethers for my exams
Thank you for filling my life with your never ending charm



Valentine Day Craft

Mother had a kitty party coming up. She asked me to keep myself available to help her with the gift decorations & said I should pre-plan and adjust my valentine day celebrations. Thank you Mom! You just gave me the idea to use the Valentine Day theme to decorate your party return gifts and prizes for games.

I wanted to do something simple, yet beautiful. I started cleaning my crafts cupboard to find out all the stuff I have. Right in front of my eyes were 4 things:

  • Green colored Straws
  • Red Thick Chart Paper
  • Silver Sheets
  • Silver ribbons

Tried various things here n there. The best turned out to be

  1. Create small hearts out of both the colored papers
  2. Cut the straw into half. Use it like a stick to paste one heart on it. I used tape. You can use glue.
  3. Cut corners of the silver ribbon and tie a small piece to a bunch of sticks.

The entire bunch looked something like this:


I decorated an assorted fragrance box like this:


And the entire gift basket looked like this:


Mom was overjoyed, it earned her lot of admiration
She took a lot of pride in her daughter’s tiny creations!


Of all the left-over heart strands, I couldnt resist but find a small old pot, fitted a flower sponge cut into a small piece, and pierced all those strands to make my own “Hearts Flower Pot”. Love was truly in the air.



Hope this idea proves useful to others also. Enjoy! 🙂


Brahmaand ki Condition Serious Hai

I take great honor in introducing you to the Mehta family living next door.

Copy of Picture 020         Picture 019

         Chandrakant Mehta                                             Suryakant Mehta

Yes, Suryakant is a family member. Atleast for Chandrakant & his entire galaxy of stars! This Chandra is so madly in love with his Surya that he can divorce all the Taaras for it. Co-accidentally, Taara is the name of Chandrakant’s wife.

Chandu Uncle, as we fondly call him, wears this funny helmet everytime he takes Suryakant for a drive. His 24X7 “Serious” expression makes the visual all the more hillarious.

The tyranny begins while I am trying to catch some sleep before waking up for warm water gargles, Suryakant begins his LOUD engine reboots every morning…


and there I go


They seem to scream in my ears “Chain se sona hai to Jaag jaiye” !! Its like “Crime Patrol Dastak” and “Savdhaan India” collectively knocking on my door. Biggest peace-breaking criminals of my neighborhood!

So after the rebooting session early in the morning, Suryakant gets a spa bath with perfumed soap water (yes, i did manage to smell that water & my detective fitrat found out he mixes Attar bought from the Masjid Gali). Suryakant is “seriously” lucky! Smells like that Zohra Begum Mujhrewaali every morning. Suryakant’s condition gets more serious after the bath, where Chandrakant puts a big black dot on its headlight, as the “Kaala Nazar Ka Teeka”. Yes man, in this entire world, which is drooling over Harley Davidson’s and ultra-smart Vespas, everyone’s “kaali nazar” would be on this 1960’s khatara. Chandu Uncle ke Andh-Vishwaas ki #ConditionSeriousHai !

Then comes the Agarbatti puja, a time when I literally visualize Suryakant as a Goddess, with folded hands! Only thing missing every day, is the Prasad that we should get after bearing all the audio-visual torture. After all the bhakti-pooja, comes the huge red colored vastra that Surya is covered with. It literally blinds us to death. Bright Red cover, which symbolizes “Khatra! Danger! Stay Away”. Which stays till its time for a ride, and comes back after every ride.  I recently bought a pair of high powered UV resistant sun-glasses just to pass by this radiating “Surya” ki kiraney!

Coffee, my German Shepherd, has a certain affinity towards Suryakant. He profusely wags his tail out of happiness whenever he spots an unguarded Suryakant. And out of all the happiness, looks left, then looks right, and when he sees no danger, happily pees on its rear side. Chuckles in his own way and comes running to me. His eyes clearly & innocently convey his ‘kartoot’  to me. And after his peeing act turns out to be worse than US throwing nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is me who has to lead the ‘Rescue’ operations. When Chandu Uncle comes running with a stick in his hand to tear Coffee to pieces, I have to melt his heart by praising how handsome Suryakant is turning day by day. It “Seriously” works.  Chandu Uncle ke Dil ki bhi #ConditionSeriousHai,

With my internet plan got completely exhausted in the middle of the month itself, I became handicapped without connectivity. Pocket money balance had fallen deeper than the deepest ravine of  the Grand Canyon. I just scanned all the available WIFI networks and was shocked and almost fell off my bed laughing when I saw a WIFI connection with the username “Suryakant”! I started guessing different combinations “Chandrakant”, “Taara”,”Phatphatti” etc etc. And finally the correct one turned out to be “maarodeekro” (It means “My Son” in gujarati). I couldn’t stop smiling at my ‘obvious’ smartness! I still login to “Suryakant” and enjoy all the free sunshine.

Chandu Uncle has the habit of spitting while talking, even worse than Satish Shah in “Main Hoon Na”. My over-inquisitive and highly observant Libran instincts have discovered that deep curve his tongue makes , collects gallons of spit & shoots it out a 10000 Watt horsepower thrust towards the world. We generally stand 4-5 meters far whenever he talks, to escape the saliva showers. Was wondering if he gave Suryakant his saliva baths every day, we would save so much of society’s water.  A song always came to my mind which Chandu Uncle could use to bathe Suryakant

“Haan Thooooo Hai, Haan Thoooooo Hai,
Meri Baaton mey Thooooo Hai,
Mere Khwabon mey Thoooo, Yaadon mey Thoooooo,
Iraadon mey Thooooo Hai”

Bas, 2 lines would be enough for a complete bath! Chandu Uncle ke mooh ki bhi #ConditionSeriousHai.

 So what was the story behind this unending love between Chandrakant and Suryakant? Do you think I would’ve been at peace without finding out? I just got the right chance on the occasion of Maha Shivratri. Our society organizes grand celebrations on this festival every year. And Bhang flows like water flows out of taps. The only “Alcoholic” drink that Chandu Uncle ever had in his life.  There was no other way I could extract the entire story out of him. So once he was almost “Peey ke Tunn” Maine chalai apni “jasoosi” dhun!

In the typical 60’s style, Chandu’s wealthy father had gifted him this scooter for college. In those days, owning a scooter was like owning a Merc. It added the ‘coolness’ quotient on our big fat and round Chandu.  The most beautiful Champakali kinda girl in college agreed to be his girlfriend just because of his new scooter. All the dates, outings, coochie cooing happened with this vroom vroom vehicle! Infact, the Champakali once sang for Chandu “Chanda hai tu, mera Suraj hai tu” while scootering around the trees. Chandu got excited and increased speed while taking narrow turns and then came the giant fall. So even before helping Champakali stand up, our Chandu started helping his scooter up and apologizing to it. Champakali Furious. Chandu Delirious. Relationship Injurious.  Condition Serious.

So after the breakup, in loving memory of Champakali and in remembrance of her last golden loving words, scooterji was named “Suryakant”. And he still loves the scooter in fond memories of Champakali. I truly felt like “Rolling on the Floor” laughing and give some justice to the most used acronym today, which people never do in real! But I controlled the urge and expressed my deepest sympathies to this inexplicable love triangle between Chandrakant-Champakali-Suryakant! My brain quickly did a CT Scan of  Chandu Uncle’s brain

Fullscreen capture 2232014 73919 PM.bmp

So everytime Chandu Uncle & his happy family went out of town, Suryakant would be pulled inside the house. Yes, Yes you heard that right. But this time they went out on a very short trip and in a hurry didn’t have time to pull his beast inside. When he was back, Suryakant was missing! Chandu Uncle almost collapsed. “Surya, maaro deekro, Surya maaro deekro”! In this time of heavy ranting, I just recalled that was his wifi password and secretly hoped he wouldn’t change it.  So before he slipped into a coma, we all slipped into a massive hunt for Suryakant. The entire area was scanned frantically since we couldn’t bear the high decibel pitch of Chandu Uncle’s UAAAAAAAAN UAAAAAAAAAN!

His family set up a rescue  camp outside our society, fully facilitated with Khakhra, Fafda, Dhokla, Chevda, Farsi Puri, Sev Mamra and garma garam Cha. My cute, loving, ever-hospitable Gujjus, exclusively for everyone involved in the search operation.  Late in the evening our U-15 society cricket team arrived back home, saw all the melo-drama & dared to confess that they had shifted Suryakant to the empty space below the staircase, so they could practice for their match. Chandu Uncle rushed towards the staircase like Usain Bolt! He was gone before we could blink! Am sure he must’ve lost atleast 2 kilos in that high speed 500 meter run. We all rushed to the spot only to see him hugging Suryakant with his eyes closed & tears rolling through his cheeks. Amidst all the fun, his heartfelt emotions gave a tear or two to our eyes as well.  He is irritating, bugging, unrealistic, always SERIOUS, naïve everything! But he is happy in his own little world – Suryakant & all the sweet Champakali memories associated with it!

Condition Serious Hai, but Co-accidentally exxxtremely entertaining hai.

If you want to help people out of this “Seriousness” disease, please visit the soft & ultra-sweet Dr. HA HA HA HO HO HO

(PS: The post is written as a part of Indiblogger- #ConditionSeriousHai )
(Both the doodles were created by the author especially for this post, to visually depict ki Condition kitni Serious Hai)

Knowledge is Great

  (“Wings & Me” – Oil Pastels on Board by Rachna)

Knowledge is the biggest source of power
Knowledge gives strength, above all you can tower.
Knowledge comes by choice
Knowledge gives your thoughts a voice.

I have just given words to the importance of education instilled within me, by my parents, since childhood. Then, knowledge meant Textbooks, Q&A, Tests & Exams. Now, knowledge means adding an element of understanding and absorbing everything we read or study.  Every aspect of bookish or practical knowledge acquired during school and college  nourishes & nurtures our thought process in their very own way. Knowledge is GREAT!

My parents could not complete their respective education due to financial crisis and other social stigma. My father wanted to do an MBA and mother wanted to be a Doctor. Both of them could not acquire their desired degrees, but they sure did acquire a lot of knowledge in their fields of interest.  Knowledge through reading books, newspapers, discussions, seminars, experiences. There was that unstoppable zeal, that awe-inspiring will power, which has now placed them at a pedestal. Knowledge is GREAT!

I was educated in a convent school run by the Missionaries of Roman Sisters.  Now I have a better understanding of their mission. To impart knowledge, to impart values, to turn us into better human beings. We used to run away from the “Morals Science” classes held twice every week. They seemed boring & had us yawning. But now I realize how those  words of wisdom have already been fitted into our brains, how our brain fetches those teachings from its repository in different circumstances.  Knowledge is GREAT!

A degree in Engineering has never been enough for my constantly thriving quest for more. In this ONE life I have  been blessed with, my Libran traits want to span across the entire universe & not miss anything my hunger for knowledge can lay its hands on!

Knowledge “O” Knowledge you RULE my world
You make me shine and stand apart from the herd!

The more I share, the more you come back to me in multiples
For my transit in the galaxy of life, you are my space shuttle!

My father always says, “When times are tough, when the closest have deserted your sinking ship, your knowledge and only your knowledge will come to rescue and help you sail through! One asset which nobody can take away”. His words sounded nice, but I understood the depth of them only when life put me in the most turbulent zone. Depression and failure surrounded me from all ends. The turns were sharp and steep were the bends. The road seemed dark, there was a dead end ahead. I grabbed the ladder of knowledge and started moving towards light, step by step. The chances of success seemed dim, but the hope didn’t let the willpower sink. At most of the setbacks, I felt like giving up. I still kept going, did not stop. Expanded my horizon by tapping different knowledge areas. It only gave me hope and more of it. The field of art came out to be my blessing in disguise. I tried my hands on the canvas which helped me express myself like no other. The “Wings & Me” I painted (as seen in the header of this post) was something that gave me a propelling thrust towards the world of positivity! I acquired more knowledge about this hobby and every move I made  was like a prayer being answered. Isn’t this GREAT? Great enough to be called Great!  Knowledge is GREAT!

Followed by this was the new born world-wide spread passion of photography. Before this, I had never even looked into the settings of a camera, forget getting some education for it. And now here I was, holding a DSLR in my hands with absolutely no knowledge of how to give justice to this man-made wonder gadget. I decided to acquire some short-term formal training to be able to use it. A one-month crash course got me started & exposed me to this wonderful world of possibilities & perceptions! My eyes look at things differently, the soul searched for answers. Not being able to capture as desired, frustrates yes. But also motivates to conquer that weakness. This world of clicks is having such a magnetic effect on me! And my heart keeps calling for more and more and more, my sorrows seem so minuscule, my aspirations so huge.  Knowledge is truly GREAT!

I look forward to specialize in this subject and take up a formal education course in Photography at The University of Northampton. While searching for the best of the lot, I landed up on “The HND Photography programme” offered by this University. It is a 2 year full-time course which fascinates me owing to the extensive course content.  It would thereby help me  explore and refine my practical skills. Very close friends who have already undertaken several courses at The University of Northampton have a lot to say about its  thoroughly professional and extremely supportive environment. The course is strongly based on practical assignments along with academic research which would help me develop my skills and techniques. The exploratory nature of The HND Photography programme lures me to itself, to help me acquire the level of knowledge in this field, that gives me inner gratification. I so look forward to join so I can capture the world in my clicks, just like my eyes sees it, just like my heart perceives it to be! For the sheer greed of knowledge, keeps me alive! Keeps me going!

Knowledge, is a treat when you have the luxury of being a part of
G‘reat Britain’s ‘R‘ich & Royal ‘E‘ducation Culture ‘A‘nd ‘T‘eaching Methodologies!

Knowledge is GREAT!

Thank you for taking me from darkness to light,
Thank you for protecting me on every tough flight!

SHIWA – The soul within

What are we made up of? What do we all ultimately pine for? What is the ultimate  basis of our spirituality? In Hindu Mythology, everything revolves around Lord Shiva. (More details here:

While we are venturing into the world of photography, our mentor teaches us to relate photography to the fundamental of SHIWA.

SH-utter Speed
W-hite Balance

Changing aperture changes depth of field, changing ISO changes the graininess of a shot and changing shutter speed impacts how motion is captured.




Clicked this at the Sarkhej Roza! One of my favorites!